A Nice Wallpaper from Our Shopping Trips to Big Bad Wolf Jakarta

Look what we've got from Big Bad Wolf Jakarta last week! Hundreds of quality books, of course. This wallpaper sum up our "collective book hunt" during the awesome ten-day book sale at ICE, BSD City. Among the books, there are gems like copies of Malcolm Gladwell, Yann Martel, C.S. Lewis, Salman Rushdie, Doris Lessing, Road Dahl, Mo Yan, Enid Blyton, Douglas Adams, Robert Ludlum, Stieg Larsson, Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz, Stan Lee, Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Arianna Huffington, Rick Warren, Brigid Schulte, Ian Thorpe, Anthony Bourdain, Khaled Khalifa, Bobbi Brown, Jose Saramago, Krys Lee, Emily Bronte, Tobias Jones, and many more.

Overall, Jakarta Book Club has around 80 active members on WhatsApp group, and for the entire week we couldn't stop talking about the Big Bad Wolf (BBW). More than half of the WA members (those who regularly attend JBC meetup) visited BBW twice or more. The point is, you can't get enough by going there just once. 

So, here are some tips for you if you want to get the most out of this event NEXT TIME:

1. If you like books, always set a budget for it

We know most of us bought at least 7 books and spend more than Rp 1 million at one visit. Although this event will likely happen only once a year, you shouldn't count on your "magic" credit card because you want to shop like crazy. Set aside a budget each month for books, e.g. 5%-7% of your salary. If the money is not being used, save the money for the following month, and so on, until you get the chance to spend it on a book sale like this. If you are a parent, set a budget for your children to buy books (outside their monthly allowance). This will encourage them to read more books, so long as you don't get "tricked" into spending the fund for toys or games.  

2. Get a proper bookshelf

Your books shouldn't just stacked on a table or stuffed somewhere around the house. You want to be able to find them and read them whenever you want... Our motto "Take Time to Read" means you should be able to "steal" a few hours (or minutes) within a day, just to read. Before bed, after dinner, on a lazy weekend, during a toilet break, and so on... If a book is hard to locate, you can easily forget about it! So, invest on a good bookshelf, clean it every now and then. You can even categorize your books based on "moods", "colors", or anything that is appealing to you. 

3. Have a list of books

The easiest way to track your readings is by creating a book journal, or maybe an account on Goodreads. You can add more book titles on your "wish list", so that when there is an event like BBW, you can just browse through your list and save a lot of your time. We know some people who spent a lot of time just to browse and read on book reviews when he or she was already at BBW. It's a bit too late, isn't it?

4. Work together with a team

Finding books that you like at a grand bazaar like BBW could be a daunting task, especially for impatience people (myself included). Instead of walking around on a book hunt all by yourself for hours, you can team-up with fellow book lovers and print a list of books that all of you are looking for. After browsing the area for 2 hours, you can gather at a corner and combine your findings. It will be much more efficient and less tiring, especially if you can only visit the event one time. Don't take each visit to BBW for granted, because you might get a different experience or issue the next time you come.
One surprising fact: Indonesians ARE interested in buying books (especially if they're affordable)!

So, that's our story. We had a lot fun. What about you? How many books have you got? Did you enjoy the event or did you have a bad experience? Share it with us by tagging Jakarta Book Club on Instagram, or by mentioning Jakarta Book Club on your blog. We'd also like to hear your thoughts on how to improve the next Big Bad Wolf book sale in Indonesia.

PS. Feel free to download our wallpaper ;)

- written by Shirley, JBC founder


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