Tell Us The Books You Want to Read in 2011

We would like to hear from you! 

At the beginning of this year, tell us what books you would like to read; whether or not they are already in stores or still in the making process.

We would also like to hear your comment about Jakarta Book Club and send us suggestions on how we could improve things.

Cheers to a fantastic 2011!

- Jakarta Book Club officers


  1. I'd like to read beatrice & vigil :D

  2. Helo. Can you tell me what is the best place/store to find books in Jakarta? I'm new here.. I don't know where to look for references.


  3. Hi Rodin,
    Welcome to jakarta. You may visit several book stores in jakarta; I would suggest Times Book Store in Karawaci (Greater Jakarta area) as it has comprehensive collections of English books, and Aksara at Kemang area in jakarta... If you are residing in central area of Jakarta, try to visit Gramedia book store which located at Grand Indonesia mall (east mall).

    Happy hunting and reading!



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