Review: HumanKind- A Book by Leo Burnett Worldwide

Leo Burnett Worldwide recently released its new book HumanKind, which explores creativity and its impact on people's behavior. Co-authored by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tom Bernardin and Global Chief Creative Officer Mark Tutssel, HumanKind, is about people, purpose, and creating acts, not ads - that transform the way people think, feel and ultimately behave.

"This book is not about advertising, brand propositions or selling products," said Bernardin. "It's about people - what engages them, moves them and inspires them to act a certain way, and ultimately enriches their lives."

HumanKind invites readers into the world of the legendary advertising agency, Leo Burnett and gives a behind-the-scenes look at a global creative network that believes modern-day communication needs to start and end with people.

Mark_Tutssel-SMALL.jpg"Our HumanKind philosophy puts a laser sharp focus on the infinite power of imagination and it's ability to change the way people act," said Tutssel (pictured left). "It's the power behind some of the world's most recognized brands and it is rapidly becoming a global movement."

Within the book Bernardin and Tutssel discuss the four pillars of the HumanKind philosophy: People, Purpose, Participation and Populism. These four words are simple in nature, but represent everything that is HumanKind.

HumanKind is about PEOPLE. They're not consumers, customers, purchasers or patrons. They're people, like you and me. Understanding that is the start of understanding them - their behaviors, beliefs, biggest fears and greatest loves. The things they need and the things that make them need them.  All the answers are right there; all you have to do is know where to look. 

HumanKind seeks PURPOSE. It shifts the conversation from what your brand does to what it means. What does your brand believe? What does your brand stand for? And why? A brand without purpose will never be embraced by the people. But a brand designed with a true human purpose in mind has the power to inspire people in all kinds of ways.   
HumanKind requires PARTICIPATION. It demands a different role for advertising.  Rather than make a proposition or promise, it invites them in to participate. By creating acts not ads, we create an emotional connection over time. By relinquishing the control we pretend to have over people, we invite them in and create a lasting bond with the brand.

HumanKind thrives with POPULISM. Advertising agencies don't create iconic brands--people do. Time and time again, HumanKind acts capture imaginations and people respond. They start off responding in little ways, and those little ways turn into big ways. Then meanings become movements, and you've changed the way the world sees the world.

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