Synopsis: My Favorite Wife (Tony Parsons)

"A man with two houses loses his mind: a man with two women loses his soul," runs the Chinese proverb, and the novel's epigraph. 
Since the publication of his first novel Man and Boy, nearly 10 years ago, Tony Parsons has sought to reclaim the feminine ground with a series of bestsellers providing a bloke's-eye view of parenthood and marriage, friendship and romance. A veritable Barbara Cartland in trousers, here he explores that most cherished of male fantasies: can a married man maintain a happy home life while also seeing a third-world sex worker on the side? (Emma Hagestadt- The Independent)

When Bill Holden decided to take his wife's, Becca, advise, he faced it all. He was an new expatriate coming to China with his wife and daughter when suddenly he had an affair with his neighbor, a local Chinese girl. His wife never caught him but he always felt the guilt growing inside him. When Becca left to England to take care of her sick father, the affair became more serious. For some reasons, Bill felt distant from his wife and the only thing that was keeping him from straying away permanently was his daughter and how he wanted his family to be united and unbroken. 

Published: 2008
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
Format: Hardback, 384 pages
ISBN: 9780007226481


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