Our First Indonesian Book: "Kartini Nggak Sampai Eropa"

Our polling for Indonesian books has been closed today. "Kartini Nggak Sampai Eropa" is chosen with 44% vote, while "Menjadi Tjamboek Berdoeri" is following closely with 38% vote, and "Si Parasit Lajang" is left behind with 18%. 

If you are clueless about the book, please read the review on our previous post. Here is a review from the publisher, Gagas Media. The writer, Sammaria Simanjuntak, is currently working as a director. Her latest independent movie, Cin(T)a, is popular among web community and has been played in several universities in London.

If you would like us to invite Sammaria, please tick "interested" box in this post. In the meantime, keep on reading during mudik, Jakarta Readers. The book is available in book stores and online book stores across Indonesia.


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