Interview with the Author: Sammaria

Reported by Shirley

She is the person behind Kartini Nggak Sampai Eropa, an interesting novel about a friendship between two young women who struggle in their own world. This book is not as simple as the cover looks, since we can also find cultural and political issues being described along the pages. Sammaria was nominated as Penulis Muda Berbakat (Young Talented Writer) in the 9th Khatulistiwa Literary Award last year. 

Jakarta Book Club got in touch with the writer and tried to know her better through these correspondence questions. In overall, she is as unique as her phone number (which consists of her name) and unafraid to speak up her mind. Unfortunately, she will not be able join us in the next Book Session.

JBC: We pick your book out of many others because it has unique title. What was your inspiration? How did it become a book?
Sammaria: Kartini Nggak Sampai Eropa. It's an unfinished dream. My inspiration is of course Kartini and my insane desire for a happy ending.

JBC: I read on the internet that you are working as a director now. Which one do you like better, being a writer or a director?

Sammaria: It completes each other. Writing is a lonely process. It keeps me in line with my own self. Directing is a very communal process. It keeps me in line with others. I need both.

JBC: What is a perfect day for you?

Sammaria: Today. No matter what happens.

JBC: What is your favorite book of all times?

Sammaria: Too many of them. Naming only one will create a riot in this democracy I call my heart. The writers whose all books I read are: Paulo Coelho, Chuck Palahniuk, Ayu Utami, Pramoedya, Mira W.

Jakarta Book Club is currently reading Kartini Nggak Sampai Eropa and will held Book Session on Sept 26, 2010, located at Fab cafe, Gramedia- Grand Indonesia.  


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