Frequently Asked Questions

What is a book club?
Book club is a place where people meet on a regular basis to discuss about a book. In Jakarta Book Club (JBC), we meet every two week (or depends on how many pages we have to read) to discuss English and Indonesian book alternately

How to become JBC member?  
It's very easy. All you have to do is come to our Book Session and register as member. Member will get a member card, which will be useful as we grow and add more benefits in the future. Membership is currently free, but will be terminated if a member is inactive more than 6 months (active means coming to Book Session).

What do we do in Book Session?
We discuss about one book in a friendly environment. At the end of the session, members could swap 2 books with the others. 

Do I have to read English and Indonesian books?
You don't have to. Although we would love to have you on every Book Session, if you are only comfortable reading one particular language, you can skip the other. 

How do JBC choose a book to read?
We keep track of books in major book stores in Jakarta. We will make pre-nomination list based on good reviews, and then let members who come to Book Session pick three (3) titles to be nominated. After that, we will open polling on our official website ( for at least a week. We will read the most voted book and discuss it in our next Book Session.  

Do I have to buy the chosen book?
We are not obligating members to buy anything. We simply want to encourage members to read more books and facilitate them by giving group discount (only if the purchase is made during the reading period and through JBC). Other popular option is to read ebook by downloading from the internet.     

How to prepare myself before joining a Book Session?
Please read the selected book (at least 1 chapter). In Book Session, the moderator will throw 3-5 questions to stimulate discussion. It is good to mark your favorite passage in the book, so that you can share it with the others. Please tell the other group members if you haven't finished the book, so that you will not get spoiler.

What other contributions that I can make for JBC?
We welcome members to become moderator, host a place, and write book reviews on our website. Members can also promote their business in our newsletter. Please write to to get more information.

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